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About Family Credit Management

Family Credit Management one of the largest non-profit debt management organizations in the United States.  We help consumers everyday overcome of the burden of debt by assessing their situation and working with them to determine the right path for them to take.

While counseling people over the years, we were stunned to hear just how many people don't discuss any part of their finances with their children- or money at all. 

While it can be a sensitive subject, talking to your kids about money is how you set the foundation for them to have strong financial responsibility as an adult. 


We created Kathryn & Elizabeth Go Shopping to teach some basic financial principles and (more importantly) start the conversation about money in your home. 


If you're facing financial difficulties like credit card debt, payday loans, collection accounts or creditor harassment,  reach out to Family Credit. You can call us at 800-994-3328 or visit to learn more and request a free quote. 

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